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Founded in Hong Kong in 2015 by an expatriate mom from Australia and now has distribution centres in both Hong Kong and Melbourne, we are a reseller and distributor that specialises in high quality products with world reputation which help improve overall travel experience on short and long haul flights, primarily for children but also for grown ups.




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Ever travelled with your young ones on a long flight?
After packing, dragging luggage and standing in those lengthy airport cues, the last thing you want once boarded, is to be stuck in one position when your child falls asleep across your lap — and all just after take off!

1stClassKid Sleep

The 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow is designed so young children can spread out to sleep, rather than lie across other accompanying passengers. The 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow fits on the floor in-between the passenger seats.1stClassKid Sit

The pillow can be manually inflated when above head plane vents are unavailable.1st-class-kid-travel inflate

It can be used by all ages and anywhere, you need to prop up your feet, for example in a car, however the primary intended use is while travelling on a commercial airline during a long haul flight.


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The Fly LegsUp Flight Hammock is the ultimate travel companion for adults and children on economy long haul flights. It is a tool to help make your flight more comfortable by enabling you to elevate your feet and legs into many different positions, supported by comfortable inflatable pillows.


▪ The hammock attaches to the drop down tray table in front of you

▪ It’s very adaptable and supports your legs either stretched out or curled up

▪ Allows you to sleep or rest on your side – For instructions on how to use your Fly LegsUp for adults click here.

▪ Can create a platform for young children to be able to sleep flat – For instructions on how to use your Fly LegsUp for Kids click here.

We encourage you to explore and experiment to find what suits you best and make the best use of the space available to you. You can change the shape of the hammock, move the pillows around and vary their inflation. Fly LegsUp will support you all the way whether you are a side sleeper, prefer your knees up or legs extended.


▪ Helps reduce leg and foot swelling – Click for more details.

▪ May help reduce the risk of DVT

▪ Helps to relieve back pain associated with sitting for long periods


▪ Suitable for infants, children and adults

▪ Ultra-light and compact design, weighing less than 500g

▪ Clips to your handbag, belt or luggage

▪ Washable and durable

Important things to know:

– Ensure when you book your flight, that you have a seat in front of you (not a blank wall) as you need a dropdown tray table to attach the hammock

– You can check your seat has a seat in front of you at SeatGuru, or you can also ask your travel agent.

Is it approved?

Fly LegsUp has been comprehensively tested by a CASA authorised aviation engineer, who is qualified to oversee the introduction of new products onto commercial world airlines. The hammock complies with FAA airline safety and compliance regulations.

Will it disturb the person in front?

Due to the way airline seats are engineered and where the hammock attaches, using the hammock will NOT disturb the person sitting in the seat in front of you.

Will the Fly LegsUp damage the tray table?

The aviation engineer report concludes that, “The Fly LegsUp flight hammock poses NO STRUCTURAL RISK to the seat structure, metal table assembly, metal tray table arms (with table stowed or deployed) or the seat occupied by the passenger. As a carry on comfort aid, the hammock poses NO RISK to cabin flammability, egress or cabin safety if its permitted use is as per standard cabin practices and REMOVED from the seat for taxi, take-off and landing.”

Jason Hazell (ARN 765973)

BEng (Hons), CEng. MRAeS

CASA Sub Part 21M IOA

Director/Chief Engineer

Aviation Engineers Pty Ltd.


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The original Fly Tot was developed by two mothers determined to make sure their children, and thus they, could still get adequate rest on long flights.

This inflatable cushion is placed in the space between your seat and the seat in front of you to create a miniature bed for your toddler. By extending your child’s airplane seat, the Fly Tot allows younger children to extend their legs and lie flat.

As the editor of Conde Nast Traveler magazine says, “Our new favorite gadget essentially creates business class for your toddler”.  Even older children love being able to curl up their legs and rest comfortably with the original Fly Tot. With its dual-side design, the Fly Tot fits most standard economy and premium economy airplane seats. It can even be placed vertically in front of the seat to fit the bulkhead row.

Fly-Tot comes in Single Unit and Double Unit – all with a pump included in the package.



CoziGo, (formerly Fly Babee), is an award winning Safe Sleep Cover, for peaceful naps on the go. CoziGo fits all strollers, bassinets and airline cots. Enjoy your parenting journey whilst keeping baby happy!

  • Universal Fit for all stroller styles, bassinets and airplane cots
  • 100% breathable & air permeable – your baby will breath comfortably and never overheat
  • Improves baby sleep by up to 500% – blocks 97% of light and all distractions so your baby will fall asleep fast and for longer
  • Stress free outings and flying – prevents in-flight meltdowns & over-tiredness from your baby when you’re out and about
  • Excellent sun protection – 50+ UVP so your little one will always be protected from the dangers of the sun
  • Cross flow ventilation – The unique dome shape allows your bundle of joy to have a nice refreshing breeze with plenty of kick space.
  • Easy to use  – pop, clip & go in seconds and packs in to a small bag quickly
  • Two-way zippers – on each side so you can open one or both allowing your baby or toddler to see the world go by, protected by the sun no matter what direction its coming from and you have easy access to your precious cargo
  • Protects baby from germs – ensure a smoother healthier environment by limiting your baby’s exposure from unwanted germs
  • Lightweight & compact (600g/1..3lbs)

CoziGo is an essential item for getting out and about every day with your baby and a must have for flying and travel! It’s fast becoming known as “The Miracle Cover” for mums that value their baby’s all-important sleep routine whilst maintaining a healthy outdoor lifestyle.

A Revolution for Travel with Infants

As loving mothers, we understand the stress of traveling with babies. You want them to be as comfortable as possible as well as having full protection from the sun, wind and other factors that can disturb their rest. When bub gets upset whilst on the go it’s no fun for anyone. Therefore, we designed a multi-purpose canopy that can be used from birth right through to toddlerhood. Not only does CoziGo provide a relaxing place for your baby, it can assist with the healthy growth and development of your child.

No longer do you have to worry about ensuring your baby sleeps on the go. With CoziGo, your baby will fall into a relaxed and comfortable sleep wherever you happen to be. The revolutionary design has won awards for its innovation and effectiveness in helping bubs throughout Australia receive the perfect rest on the move.

The perfect fit for a huge variety of prams and bassinets – simply grab your CoziGo and be on the move with your baby in comfort and style.