FAQ – 1stClassKid Pillow

FAQ – 1stClassKid Pillows – Your questions answered:

Airline Permission of Use?

Presently Not advised for usage on Emirates, Qantas and JetStar Airlines.

Before the pillow was invented (2011) the idea was checked with the FAA – the response was – “You would have to ask the airline if you can use your travel pillow as a foot rest. There are no FAA regs pertaining to this questions”.

The exit row maybe an area where you may not be able to use 1stClass Kid but to sit in an Exit Row, the FAA requires that a passenger be 15 years of age or older.

Passengers bring out their carryon bags to raise their feet so 1st Class Kid should be treated like any other carry-on that you want accessible during flight.     It should be stored under the seat in front then inflated once at cruising level and then deflated before landing.     With the fast deflate device you can quickly release air to move pillow.    You can see the quick deflate at the end of this video – http://www.1stclasskid.com/manual-inflation-instructions/ OR You tube: https://youtu.be/z7qVt55aNvI

We have thousands of customers who have travelled without any issues, you can see some samples here – http://www.1stclasskid.com/news-reviews/
SG Air Approval Letter
West Jet Approval
Air France customer approval
Eva Airways

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee usage if an airline decides to not allow the use of our pillows. If you have any concerns please call your airline customer service but the representative may not understand how it operates with a quick deflate valve and assume that it will block areas or other passengers! We recommend you plan your seating arrangement so generally you are only dealing with your traveling companions and not blocking in non-party passengers.

How long does it take to inflate?

You can use the above head ventilation system on plane to help inflation but if this is not available you can manually inflate.

It should take no longer than five minutes to inflate but you can take your time as the inflation valve keeps air from exiting the pillow so you can pause at any time.     Deflating is simple and fast as the valve has 2 parts to it. One for manual blow and the other leaves a large hole for deflation.

Please watch our video on Manual Inflation at –

http://www.1stclasskid.com/manual-inflation-instructions/ OR You tube: https://youtu.be/z7qVt55aNvI

Would Pillow work in Bulkhead seats/premium economy?

You may not get a tight fit at a Bulkhead seat however it will still work as a leg/footrest.  You could try to turn it long ways which will be 18 inches long so depending on your legroom space that may hit the panel in front.  If there is still some room and you would like to achieve a tight fit then you could prop the pillow with a carryon bag/item.

Will it fit in my carry-on, what is the size/weight?

One pillow is approx. 1 pound (0.5Kg).  You can roll/fold how you like in your carry on.

When the pillow is inflated to its max it will be a Rectangular shape approx. dimensions 18” L by 12” W” by 18” H but if the space is smaller then you just stop inflating at that point.

Whistling Noise while inflating

Normally it’s just a matter of the valve settling after 1st use and we have found that a small amount of petroleum jelly fixes this issue and it is mentioned in the troubleshooting section in instructions.   If you could try putting a small amount of petroleum jelly on around the black areas which are the seals of the valve. There is a picture in the instructions (Fig.5) if you still have this.

How to pop out Valve

The valve is pushed in generally for packaging purposes, so it is very stiff to begin with but should become easier to pull out over time.

It is best to cup your hands under valve and push up. You can also place your fingers inside large hole of valve and work round while pulling up. It will tolerate some pulling force. You can see this action at the beginning of our video –


Once it has popped out you can leave it in this position.

You can see/read more details on the FAQ page – http://www.1stclasskid.com/faq/

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